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How does it work?

Emergency Instructions Delivery Service

What if my husband goes to the hospital? What will I do if my father dies suddenly? How to file an insurance claim? Where can I find our mortgage papers? What is the password for our joint bank account? How to contact our relatives in Canada?

In this difficult time of confusion and uncertainty, it is essential to make sure you put your affairs in order. You most likely have a will. However, there is a lot of information that you would prefer to pass on to your relatives or friends directly, without lawyers and officials. They may need such information not only if you die, but also in case you are seriously ill or stuck in a foreign country.


You do not need a lawyer to make such arrangements. The TODO-After emergency service allows you to create and securely store information about your financial, family, and household affairs. Our website provides you with a protected place to store and update your personal information. We call this the emergency instructions list.

The most important service we provide is the automatic delivery of your emergency instructions on your behalf. You create a contact list of your confidants. It may include your spouse, parents, children, or close friends. In case of an emergency, we will automatically contact each person on this list and make sure that he or she has received your message. It will happen only in one of the following cases:

1. Explicit request

The user profile page has a section that allows you to execute emergency delivery. If you use this feature, the website will ask you for confirmation, and then automatically send your emergency instructions to all your contacts.

2. Countdown

You have the option to activate the countdown timer. You can choose the duration of the timer in a range from three days to six weeks. You can stop or reset the timer at any time from your profile page on your website.

If you have not visited the website, reset or cancel the countdown, then we will begin to assume that something happened to you. In this case, our emergency service automatically initiates an emergency delivery protocol.

Before this happens, our service will send you two reminders: three days before the deadline and on the eve of the deadline. You can reset the countdown by clicking on the link in the email.


We have designed our emergency service so that you can be sure that people you trust will receive the information that you have prepared for them. You will be feeling at ease, knowing that even if you cannot use a computer and a mobile device, your loved ones will not remain in the dark. Our site is not responsible for the content of your messages. We respect the privacy of our clients. We never access your personal information and make sure nobody can access it without permission. If someone decides to use our service to send you threats, insults, or other inappropriate content, please contact our security team at [email protected].

Our Services

You can store and update your information for free. When you register on our site, we create a secure vault that you can use to store your information safely. We securely store your information in the cloud. All your data is encrypted using special keys associated with your account. We use the latest advances in digital security to protect your privacy. To use our automatic emergency delivery service, you need to buy a subscription. Our basic emergency plan has two payment options:

Plan Per month 12 month
Monthly payments $9.99 $119.88
Annual payment $8.33 $99.99

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your service will remain active until the expiration of your last subscription period. Please note that we do not currently provide a partial refund for unused time.

When you cancel your subscription, your emergency countdown will stop automatically. You will keep all your data and contacts, but you will not be able to use the automatic information delivery service.

If you have not canceled your subscription, but we cannot charge your card, two things will happen. The billing service will send you an email asking you to update your payment method. The emergency service will wait until you reset or stop the countdown.

If you try to reset or stop the countdown, and your subscription is not active, then you will not be able to restart the timer until you pay for the subscription. However, if we did not hear from you and your active countdown expires, the emergency service will deliver your information to your contacts, even if your subscription has already expired.

To learn more and test these features, please register on our website.